The top 5 reasons why new build beats older properties

New homes in London have many advantages over their older, ageing counterparts in the capital. We’d love to tell you about the success our current new build investors are enjoying. To get you started, explore top 5 advantages to buying new for your buy-to-let.

1. Buy before it’s built

Many investors have enjoyed success by purchasing new developments in London before the builders have even laid a brick. Not only can you choose your plot from a selection on site - perhaps opting for one on the ground floor or with views - there is the possibility of appreciation prospects in favourable market conditions, especially if the unit is bought in the optimum location and at the right price.

2. Low maintenance

Landlords aren’t happy when running repairs and maintenance jobs eat into their income, so buying at new housing developments is a way of guaranteeing smaller or non-existent DIY bills. Each new property will be finished to a high standard - decorated throughout and usually with brand new fixtures, appliances and carpets - paving the way for many years of very light maintenance.

3. Plenty of choice

There is a steady stream of new developments in London, immediately giving power to landlords who prefer to invest in a certain type of property. At Fraser & Co we work with a number of house builders, giving our clients first refusal on some of the most attractive buy-to-let opportunities in the capital. Why not ask to be added to our investor list?

4. Warranty protection

If you buy an older, resale property and the roof caves in or the walls crumble, that is your responsibility as the property’s owner. When you invest in a new home in London, however, the house builder will almost always provide you with a 10 year warranty from the NHBC or alike. This will protect you for a decade against builder defects and structural problems.

5. Loved by tenants

A good buy-to-let is measured on its ability to attract tenants and achieve a good yield. New developments in London are favoured by renters as they overshadow their older rivals in terms of specification, decoration and levels of safety. Choose wisely and you may be able to advertise your new let with added perks such as a concierge, on-site gym and rooftop garden.

No one knows new homes in London like Fraser & Co. We’ve been working with house builders and developers for over 20 years, and our relationships mean we offer property investors exclusive buy-to-let opportunities. Make your next investment a new one - get in touch for opportunities today.