London’s top 10 best street food

If you're food-obsessed but don’t have the disposable income to dine in London’s best restaurants, street food is here to save you. Pop up events, food markets and even London’s best night markets are now bursting with top food stalls, serving up cheap eats of an outstanding standard in disposable containers all around London.

1. Kimchinary
Hanna Söderlund first came up with the idea for ‘Kimchinary’ back in 2013 after a trip taken to South Korea. The initial plan was to take on her favourite Korean dish samgyeopsal - grilled pork belly with ssamjang wrapped in lettuce with kimchi and other fermented and pickled sides. Trial and error saw this develop into tacos, and when the weather got colder, burritos. Her fascination with fermentation is part of what led her to create this unique menu.
Must try: Slow-braised bulgogi ox cheek burrito (£6)
Find it at: Kerb Camden, Kerb King’s Cross, Kerb London Bridge

2. Mike & Ollie
Mike Richardson studied design at Goldsmiths, before realising that his calling was in creating magnificent flatbreads. Ollie, who started the business with Mike back in 2001, is no longer a part of the operation; however the name has stuck. These freshly made wraps are brimming with seasonal treats such as pan-fried Eastbourne mackerel fillet, beetroot-braised shallots, rhubarb hot sauce and homemade pickles.
Must try: Lamb flatbread (£7)
Find it at: Brockley Market, Flat Iron Square

3. Sub Cult
Ben and Gaz came up with this award-winning concept of food in 2014. They offer famous gourmet U.S deli-style sub rolls, and a side of cheeky banter keep you entertained while you wait for this delicious sandwich.
Must try: The subterranean (£5)
Find it at: Brockley Market, Maltby Street
sub cult 

4. The Rib Man
Mark Gevaux has been a butcher since the age of 14, and has been selling mouth-watering ribs on the streets of London since 2007. While working as a butcher he started cooking ribs on disposable barbecues at farmers’ markets. Demand was high and The Rib Man was born – his smoky, succulent baby backs have been shredded, piled high into white baps and drizzled with some insanely spicy sauces ever since.
Must try: the chance to prove your heat tolerance with loads of Holy Fuck sauce on your rib roll (£7)
Find it at: Brick Lane every Sunday (but beware it usually sells out before 2pm)

5. Mother Clucker
If you love fried, crispy, spicy coating, and tender chicken you’ve got to try Mother Clucker. This is Southern cooking done the way it should be. Combined with a side of mac and cheese, it may not be diet food but it’s worth every bite.
Must try: Southern-fried chicken strips (£5)
Find it at: Ely’s Yard, Kerb Camden, Kerb West India Quay, Hawker House
mother clucker 

6. Luxury Flats
These Flatbreads extremely affordable and are stuffed to the brim with fresh, crisp salads and generous chunks of tender meat – though they are affordable they do not hold back on serving sizes. The bread comes from the legendary Dalston bakery, Ararat Breads, and is all piled up to create one wonderful wrap not to be shared.
Must try: Miso short rib flatbread (£6)
Find it at: Kerb King’s Cross, Kerb Gherkin, Kerb West India Quay

7. Spice Box
Spice Box is giving Indian takeaway a modern update. These curries are packed full of goodness, spices, colour and flavour- without the animal fats and sugars that normal curries contain. Once you’ve been to Spice Box, normal curries won’t quite be up to scratch.
Must try: Summer veg, coconut and cashew korma (£4)
Find it at: Broadway Market, Kerb West India Quay, Kerb Gherkin

8. Taco Dave
Dave is bringing a mix of traditional recipes alongside some modern twists. Think crispy, juicy pork carnitas served with chipotle mayo and charred pico de gallo; or buttermilk fried chicken with sirriacha crème. Plus, there are brunch tacos served with black beans, homefries, egg and chorizo – with haloumi for the veggies. These tacos are not to be missed.
Must try: Eight-hour slow-roasted Dr Pepper taco (£6 for two)
Find it at: Kerb King’s Cross, Stone’s Throw Market

9. BBQ Dreamz
Marinated ox heart isn't something you’d expect to be eating on a drizzly lunchbreak in King’s Cross, but Filipino barbecue connoisseurs BBQ Dreamz serve up their signature skewers, cooked to taste and served with a spicy cane vinegar, at Kerb’s lunchtime markets across the capital. Their vibrant menu is adding some serious sophistication to London’s street food scene.
Must try: Lemongrass ox heart skewers (£2.50 per skewer, £4 for two)
Find it at: Kerb King’s Cross, Kerb West India Quay, Brockley Market (before he sells out at 3pm!)

10. Club Mexicana
This Mexican inspired street food is actually an entirely vegan stand, whose South American cuisine is nigh-on indistinguishable from carnivore-friendly stuff. A ‘to-fish’ taco features seaweed-wrapped, deep-fried tofu that could’ve come out of the sea on a line. Its colourful and delicious food has gained itself an impeccable reputation.
Must try: Beer-battered cheeze fries (£4)
Find it at: Kerb Camden, Hawker House, Pamela